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The Neuweiler Tradition
For over 40 years, Karl Neuweiler, Inc. has been serving the needs of industry with high quality precision instrument parts.  With recent advances in technology and equipment, our skilled craftsmen are able to serve our customers even better.
Costly tooling changes can often be eliminated, and job turnaround can now be measured in hours and days instead of weeks and months.
Some of the items we specialize in for the microwave industry are one-piece construction filter inners, regardless of the number of sections or overall length.  Also featured are spindles and tuning nuts with matched standard or non-standard threads, special connectors, and other developmental component parts.
We work in a variety of standard metals as well as special application alloys and plastics.
Our mechanical equipment allows us to be competitively priced on related items such as contacts, insulators, pins, etc.
Your requests for quotations and information will be handled with prompt, careful attention.

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